Architects of Flavor. Crossing Every Border...

We are a seasoning and spice business providing restaurant quality flavor to your kitchen. Our seasonings help you experience flavors from around the globe that enhance your meals all year long. From our chef straight to your table.

We are married chefs who have a passion for creating flavorful & memorable meals. After years of working in restaurants& catering events in the DC area, many customers inquired on if we would be willing to travel, offer training on how we prepare our foods, and even if we could ship some of our meals across the country.    

Our solution? Were bringing our kitchen flavors directly to you, through our spices & seasonings. We are your solution for great tasting food each and every time you eat!


Outdoor & Indoor Flavor

Our spices & seasonings are distinctive, much like the taste of a juicy burger fresh from the grill! We want everyone to experience these flavors ALL YEAR LONG. We've compiled our recipes and presented an array of our hand crafted seasonings you can use for grill cooking & inside your kitchen.

Food Inspiration & Flavor Pairings

If you would like to get ideas on how to use your seasonings & spices dont forget to check us out on our social media platforms. There are tons of inspirational pictures of meals we've prepared at home, and through our catering events. 

Feel free to share with us how you plan to use your seasonings & spices! And don't forget to tag us in your posts! 

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